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Medium Human Hair Wigs

Medium Length Wigs | African American Wigs

Beautiful Medium Wigs (Mid-Length) for women with hair lengths ranging from slightly above shoulder length to slightly below the shoulders in all hair styles...straight, wavy to curly.

Medium Length Wigs are offered in both synthetic and human hair fiber, these styles look so natural people will think it's your own hair.

Our wide selection of medium hair length women's wigs goes from classic style to the trendy, more modern look. For sensitive scalps and greater comfort, we offer monofilament top and lace front med-length styles. Whatever style you desire...whether straight, wavy or curly, we are sure you will find the right medium wig that makes every day a great hair day!

Our collection of Medium Hair Length Women's Wigs helps ladies make every day a great hair day.

Most styles we offer are made from quality synthetic hair fibers, which with today's specialized fiber processing and blending techniques have made wig styles more manageable and look as natural as human hair. Our medium length women's wigs go from the classic style to the trendy, to a more modern look.

Our medium length wigs are available in straight, wavy and curly styles. For those ladies with sensitive scalps or who just want a more comfortable wig, we offer shoulder length medium wig styles that have a monofilament and/or lace front. These styles are slightly more expensive than standard wigs but offer exceptional comfort and natural appearance, along with greater styling flexibility and versatility,

Additionally, our women's medium-high fashion quality wigs are from top wig brands such as Motown Tress, Vivica Fox, Sherri Shepherd, Foxy Silver and more. Whatever your desire or mood, we are sure you will find the right wig that will make every day a great hair day!

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