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Tips on Shopping for Wigs for Black Women

August 09 2019 – Barbara Snowden

Tips on Shopping for Wigs for Black Women

Tips on Shopping for Wigs for Black Women

Tips for Shopping for Wigs for Black Women

Wigs do a lot of things for many people, the ancients Egyptian wore wigs to protect their shaved or bald heads from the scorching heat of the sun; to keep the wig in place, they used beeswax and resin (certainly not how we black girls rock our wigs).

For the girl of color, wigs are a necessary addition that is meant to add a finished look to our chiseled appearance; a girl has to have her looks on lock down. Either way, wigs for black women have come a long way, whether you are beginner or pro at wearing wigs, there are some tips to carry along when shopping for one.

Wigs for Black Women

The earliest text documenting wigs worn by black people dates back to the Egyptian era as stated above. Black women have been wearing wigs forever, whether it is to add appeal to their looks or cover up a hair mistake or condition like hair loss, wigs have been doing it for us.

History of Egyptian Wigs
The option of wigs for black women on the market is endless as you will find styles, textures, length, and a color that will complement not just the physical attributes but how we feel inside.

However, prior to shopping for a wig, there is some tip necessary for black women to understand to enable them to choose the best option that fits their everyday use or for the reason why the wig is bought.

So let’s go shopping!

The Wig Texture

If you were expecting a different first option, sorry. Black women love their wigs to feel good; it adds the extras to the vibe, pizzazz, and swag. What’s more, you don’t want your girlfriends touching your wig and having to complain about your wig.

To that, we advise you to go to a store with enough recommendation and one that will allow you to feel the hair with your fingers and one your head. Additionally, with black women, there are four common textures namely smooth straight, curly, wavy, and an afro for you to choose from.

Straight texture wigCurly texture wigWavy Texture WigAfro Texture Wig Hairpieces
The Wig Color

You will definitely not run out of color choices for a black woman shopping for wigs. In as much as the color of the wig is essential, the right tone should take precedence.

For example, black, browns, Auburn, and honey blondes are great color choices for dark skin women. Medium skin complexion black women can wear all the colors listed above, but can also rock copper and gold wigs very well.

Lighter skin black women can wear all wigs as their light skin blends well with all wig colors as their tone will allow it.

Light Skin Wig TipsWigs for Brown Skin
The Wig Length

While most black people can wear any length, it is paramount to choose one that accentuates your facial features. Wig length range for short and sleek, bob, and shoulder-length and all the way down your back. Whatever your choice, it should fit you.

The Wig Capsize

Choosing the right capsize can be confusing for a first-time wig shopper, but not to worry; we got you covered. Capsizes comes in ultra petite, petite, average/petite, average, average/large, and large. Most wigs are in the average/petite size but if you have a smaller or large head circumference.

How to measure your capsize prior to purchasing a wig:
• Using a tailor/seamstress measuring tape, measure the area around your head following the hairline, this is the circumference.
• Place the tape on the tip of your hairline in front and follow the tape length to the nape of the neck.
• Measure across from one ear over the head to the other ear
If you still not sure, ask the shop attendant for help ascertaining your right measurements. The standard circumference for capsizes are:

• Ultra petite – 19 inches
• Petite – 21 inches
• Petite/average – 21.5 inches
• Average – 22 inches
• Average large – 22.5 inches
• Large – 23 inches

If you capsize is not listed here, you can have it custom made to suit you, but ensure you choose the right capsize for the best fit and give that wig a natural feel and look.

The Wig Type

There are two wig choices for any black woman shopping for wigs, synthetic or human hair. If you wear your wig daily, it is essential to choose one that will take the beating and still look posh tomorrow with less maintenance.

If you are opting for human hair, choose the ethnicity, style, and texture, remember that these classes of wigs are expensive but can withstand the same treatment your natural hair will take such as shampooing, conditioning, heat treatment, cutting and rolling.

Opting for synthetic hair, they allow for a broader option with color, texture, and style; moreover, they are affordable, but it won’t withstand the same treatment a human wig will take, so choose carefully.

The Wig Design/Style

Different wig styles will give you enough room to change your look and style daily without any bother. With this said, we have three styles to work with:

Monofilament Wig Designs

– these are wigs that use both machine and manual constructions to make the wig. The back and sides are machines made while the front or top are hands tied for a more natural look. The hand-tied allows you to create paths or styled any way you like and feel.

Lace Front Wig Designs

– the lace front wigs allow you to rock bangs or hairstyles where some amount of hair is in the front. This design of the wig creates a very fine front and natural-looking hairline.

French Top Design

- with this design the cap has multiple layers of fine mesh at the top, this allows for a more comfortable feel on your head and a very natural look. It is also expensive, but worth buying it.

The Wig Purpose

As mentioned in the text; wigs serve two purposes; to make us finer or conceal a problem. If you are shopping for a wig for whatever reason, ensure it sits comfortably on your head with fewer slips. We don’t want out hair having a life of its own now, do we?

Finally, with these points, we are sure your next shopping trip for a wig will be a breeze. Enjoy your new wig ladies.


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