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Human Hair Lace Wigs

January 04 2020 – Barbara Snowden

360 Human Hair Lace Wigs Motown Tress

360 Human Hair Lace Wigs Motown Tress

The human hair lace front wigs are the best and most amazing things to happen to the world of weaves, most especially human hair wigs.

The craving for human hair lace front wigs has risen so much so that human hair wig lovers have pitched their tents with this variation of lace wigs.
And the reasons for the cravings go beyond just the looks and feel of the human hair lace front wigs. It is undoubtedly true that human hair wigs are adorable and beautiful to look at, both on and off the head.
Asides from the beauty and awesomeness of the human hair lace front wigs, one other thing that makes them popular and loveable, is the magnificent way they look so real on the wearers.

With the human hair lace front wigs, the wearer can style the front part (only) into any style they want, and this is due to the presence of the front lace.
As the name implies, the front lace that is attached to the wig is fixed at the front of the wig, which gives it this natural look and makes it look like the wearer has a full, natural, and gorgeous hairline.
And the best part of this is that no matter how hard people stare at your human hair lace front wig, it is going to be hard for them to detect that it is a wig and not your natural hair.
Asides from the human hair lace front wigs, there is one other type of human hair lace wigs available for human hair lace wig lovers, and that is the full lace human hair wigs.

Full Lace Human Hair Wig

The full lace human hair wigs are wigs that are made from a fully laced cap, which covers every portion of the head. The human hair is attached to every part of the cap, which gives the wig the look of a full-blown natural human hair.

The full lace human hair wigs can be parted and pulled into different hairstyles, without fear of the cap or your cornrows being exposed.

The full human hair lace wig is the answer to the prayers of women who wants to be comfortable, and look fashionable, trendy, and natural, all at once.

How Are Wig Caps Constructed?

Human hair lace wigs are constructed with different materials, which includes the human hair weaves, these are the principal materials needed in the construction of the human hair lace wigs. Other materials include the lace which the weaves are attached to and the wig caps which the weaves are sewn in. The cap serves as the barrier between the weave strands and the wearer's head (hair).

The construction of wig caps occurs in two different methods: machine-made construction and hand-tied construction.

Machine Made Versus Hand Tied Wigs

Machine Made Construction

Machine-made wigs are made with thick wig caps and they are produced in bulk. They are easier, less expensive and faster to produce with the aid of machines. Machine-made wigs are constructed by means of weaving hair into wefts, these wefts are then sewn into a net foundation in rows.

Machine constructed wig cap

Hand Tied Construction

Hand-tied construction is slower and more painstaking than machine-made, due to the process involved. Hand-tied wigs are made using the hands, and they are made with lightweight caps, unlike the machine-made. Although the process might be time-consuming and stressful, hand-tied wigs are the best wigs in the market, as the light and soft weaves are attached to the lace/mesh carefully in an organized scheme, in such a way that the end result is a perfect replica of the natural human hair, which can be styled into any style.

Hand tied wig cap construction

Types And Colors of Lace Materials Used In Making Human Hair Lace Wigs

Swiss lace

Swiss Lace is delicate, fine and breathable, it is less thick unlike the French lace, but it is thicker than the HD lace.
Swiss lace can be used for the front part of the wig, due to its ability to blend more with the scalp skin.

Swiss Lace

HD Lace

HD lace is thinner and more delicate than both Swiss and French laces, and it is good for food whose skin tone varies from really light to deep dark (but it needs to be tinted for people with darker skin tone.)
HD lace is next to invisible, and is not durable, as the wearer has to replace it after using it twice or thrice, most especially after applying glue to it.

HD Lace vs regular lace
French lace

French Lace is very thick, thicker than both Swiss and HD laces. It is quite durable and breathable, as it can be used more for the other parts of the lace wig asides the frontal.
The colors of the laces include beige, medium brown, transparent, black, light brown, light yellow, dark brown.


Regardless of how much they cost (of a fact human hair lace wigs are very expensive), human hair wigs are durable, gorgeous, handy when you need them, amazing, trendy and chic.

Either as full lace human hair wigs or human hair lace front wigs, these human hair wigs are the best selling wigs in the hair market at the moment.
Weave lovers are doing all they can to invest in these beauties, because asides the fact that they are gorgeous and they boost a woman's confidence, the human hair lace wigs are long-lasting.

Not to mention that that human hair lace wigs come in different appealing and attractive textures and colors. For the textures, there are straight, curly, and wavy types of human hair lace wigs.

For colors, there are lots of beautiful colors to pick from. Colors that suit your personality and skin tone just fine. Examples of colors you can find human hair lace wigs are blonde, black, brown (dark and light), purple, red, blue, pink, burgundy, yellow, green, wine, and turquoise.

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